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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  May 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the violence started earlier in the evening...just after 6...a gunman opened fire n west fayeett street...just a couple blocks north of west 2 others were injurrd. died... ...just a half an hour later... a man waasshot in an allly plong york road...just south of the intersection of coldd spring lane...police weree still looking for clues when we were word on any suspects. ww also received lots of tips from our fox45 viewers. this photo was snapped from cold spring by carlos. you can see peopleein their ars staring down tte alley at the victim and the heavy police presence in the middle of the evennng rush. when.../ news hits your neighborhood.../ see it.. shoot it.. send it.. upload... phooos and videos to foxbaltimore dot om../ click on. the see it shoot it, send it. icon./ also... send phhtos
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foxbaltimore dot com."s at tragedd on the easternnshore.. father and his two teenager sons.... die, in what appears to be a farming accident. accideet.the three bodies were recovered from a llrge manure pit on a farm in kennedyville, kent county, where they orked. the victims have been identified as glen nolt, and two of his sonn, kelvin, and bottom,'s not - clearrhow they ended uu submerged in the manure pit. police... release... a composite -3& wa porthwest baltimore man.. month. police.. say this gun-man... killed... a 52 year ood mmn.. who was walking... to hissfront porchh../ when ...he was anddjustice reporter joy lepola... showed ...this afternoon..../ for... some peoplee... the murder. 3 11:05:07 (woman) it's too much the killing the shooting it's too muuh. much. (2-shot) 11:04:46 eeentually i hope hey catch him i don't care who it is police are asking anyone...
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innthe community to call them..../ you.. can they're.. just after the information. a two-alarm fire bbeaks out at a beauty salon in north baltimo. baltimore.crews were called greenmount avenue near east oon 25th street.heavy smoke was coming from the second flooo, bbt everyone inside was able fire remains under investigation. 3 a... follow-up... to... a... story... you saww "first n fox." you mondaa... - baltimore's... hilton lost.. ore than.. 11-million dollars last &pyear..../ in... the past four years.../ 54-million.. was lost.../. the.. baltimore hotel corporation... also.. withdrew... nearly four million.. frrm... a. reserve fund... to... pay interest on bonds... for the project..../ but.. development.. coporation...
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&ponly a paper loss". (brodie) "the hilton baltimore convention center hotel has put ussin the game competitively and has opened &pdoors to marketing baltimore for groups that were not open b" beffre." lass year... the hilton hadan occupacy rate... of 63-perceet. of the day. o you think the n - city oo baltimore .. should be.. in the hotel b? busiiess? hhad to our facebook page and let us know what you think. inside fox45 tab on the left side of the screen. nearly 2,0000 sparrows point steellmill workers will soon be out of jobs. will close the sparrows point plant next month. the announced this week that it's ssopping the baltimore county facclity and otherrassets to potential buyers. today we caught up with some
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employees at a popular place ffr workers near the plant.. the layoffs. 3 "oh yea, ii bothered me..expected to worr 4 or 5 more years, at least 62, 65. lots of us planned to wook.. pealthcare, big thing down there now. that's why a lot bought thh mill last year and also idding operations in ohio 3 layoffs will bbgin on june 4 and contiiue through june 18. after... two yeaas... of training.../ ix... very speciia... rescue dogs... are... readyyfor adoption adoption police... founddthe pit bulls... inside the basement... &p of... aabbltimmre couuty home.../ they... had scars... froo being used... as bait dogs... or... dog- fighting.../ but... thhy... got a clean bill of health.../ and.. volunteers have spent countless hours... tricks.. and... good manners..../ the.... city... humane society... say... they're.. cleared forr adoption...// < "she's just succ aasweet well-adjusted. they have wonderfuu tempeeaments."> temperaments..>
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tte shelter offering... free ongoing training... some... veterinary care... to anyone interested.. in adopting ... boaters beware....the chesapeakk bay are uglier phan ever this hliday weekend. fiih are washing ashore f dead kills in more than 20-years. they started turninn up in glen burnie n monday aaong &pmarley and furnace creeks.... and this afternoon, they began washing into the inner harbor. scieetistt say the water is especially polluted by a growing number of algae blooms....ann a growing amount of runoff. (20:23:39) "had some major unoff events that occurred from susquehanna and poher tributaries. these were really bad or the bay because nutrients into the bay itself. so aht we're sseing noo is really thre consequence of that" that." algae blooms are noohing unusual......but experts earlier his seassn thanks to the mild temperaturee.
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3 t as a baysox baseball surprise for a former marine and his family..... how ya doing jeff &pjeffhow ya doing nick nicknice to meet you son.. im your father .....hugs .....hugs 12 yyar old marcus smith jr was expecting to exchange line up cards with the umpires at toniggt's his dad who disguised himsslf as annumpiie shhoed up -&inste senior served as an electrician in afghanistan...supporttnn u.s.troops for ffur monthh.....this is the longest.... he has been away returned home today..... - 3 its going to be hard to imagiie the look n their faae when i take that mask off and they see that daddy's actually . pretty amazed to see mm dad i'veebeenndreaming about this day for months now... pow..... smithhwill be here
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for 2 weeks.....then he returns to afghanistan for another 4 moonns.... what.. you don't knowwabout pppe... &piphone's... interactive voice..., siri,... could urt you/. wiied magazine... preportt... siri and other data collecting apps... are putting information at risk. risk.the... software license agreement for apple i-ppone... says.. when you use siri... or dictttion,... the thinns you say will be recorded... and ..convvrted into text/. siri.. also &pcollects other information... your address book... and... sensstive user data/.the... objective - to help.. siri... do.. a better job./but.. ccitics say siri exposes your personal.. information../ . putting... it out there... for cyber thieves to steal. bad dayyfor haavard.the alumnn association is issuing an aaology for publishing comments from the unabbmber in ready to celebrate it's 50 f3 yeer reenion..... graduaaes
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updated their prroiles.and so did ted kaczynski.he listed his occupation as "prisoner,". and listed "8 llfe sentences" under the "awards" section and home address as his colorado prison classmate says, well, he is more famous than anyone eese in the class. but understandably, kaczinkski's victims were not amused. 3 another beautiful day in baltim. ballimore. and it looks like were going to have mooe of the same headdng into the eekend. weekend. let's go to chief mettorologiit vytas reid withhyour skywatch forecast. 3 your skywatch 3
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the state department attacks al qaeda. how theyy aae sing the terrorist group's own ebsites against them. criminal everris... well, t you e the judge. why thhss two drove themselves straight to jail after stealing a church van. a dad tries to frame his son's principal. how police found out the administraaors porno profile was a ffolish act of revenge. &p  successful... cyber attack...
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against... al-qaeda's... affiliate in yemen... orchestrrted by.... america's diplomats.../. diplomats.../. the state department swaps the terrorist group's ads on its own website. llara ingle explains wwy the pbbma adminiitratiin is ttking full credit ffr this cyber attack on aq-ap. aq-ap. a u-s cyyer ttack -- striking &paa-qaeda's affiliate in yemen. the state department -- áhackingá the group's website &pphich trred o recruit neww supporterr.specialistssat the department boughh space on the site... and áreplacedá anti- pmerican ads. hillary clinton: "our team plastered versions of the ads thht showed the tll al-qaeda attacks have taken on the pemeni people." secretary clinton says... the hacking is making an impact. hillary clinton: "we monitor the extremists ventiig their frustration and asking heir
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supporters not to believe everything they read on the internnt."yemen's al-qaedd affiliate is consiiered one of the terrorist group's most danggrous paunched at least three ffiled attacks against the u-s.... the christmaa ay omb plot in 2009... a priiter cartridge the upgraded unnerwear bomb says... the cybbr-warfare ary - provides support for american military operatiins.hillary clinton: "thisskinn of ideological battle is slow and incremental, but i think it's criiical to our efforts, because what sustains al-qaeda and its terrorist affiliates is the steady fllw of nee recruits."((on cam tag))this grrup caaled the center or strategic counterterroriim communications... experts -- counter al qaeda's attempts to
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york, laura ngle, fox news. 3
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ssmething tells me dad won't be goinggto ny pta meetings next year. why one a principal's pornographic profile. the dumbest criminals alive make it reallyyeasy for drove themselves straight to jail after stealing a car.
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your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. if you're a beaa... common sense says... don't go nywhere near a tree where people live. live. colorado offiiers.. had to call firefiggters wednessayy../ after... they shht the bear with a tranquilizer dart...// and it still.. wouldn't budge.../. in... fact... the tree../ áthená.. fell - asseep.../ wedging itself between branchess../ ááaáá firefighter.. tied a the bear's ankle.. and... began lower it down... / but... the rope ssipped../. a..
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tarp... broke... thh bear's fall.../. the bear... relocated...far &poutside of the city. an.. arizona jury finds... a man guilty... afttr e tried using the inteenet ... to get back... at hii son's ...assistant principa. principal.police say ... heeset up a fake on... an....xx rated - website... that ooked like... it belonged... to the sshool official./ the reason?the... father thought... the man... &ptook hissson's iipod... back/. the ... assistant principaa... found out... about the website ... after ... applyinn... for another job....// the.. coouty attorney says... ts a good (("it probably is not a bad idea for individdals to google their wn name on the internet there.")) the fatter....will be sentenced innjune../. as.. for the assissant ppincipal... / he was just promoted to principal. the dumbest criminals.. in america ...steal a car
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then... end up driving ttemselvess... right into... the hands of police. police. dave kendall... drives this van... around stockton callfornia, .. giving ridds... to the needy.../ tuesday,... he picked up these two him for a ride... to the their friend...//. dave...- said... he;d... do it,.../ but... after... he picked up ...some other people ... he.. that'ss.. when... the two and... took... the keys..../ dave... called 911,... told them what happened .. and... said the men ...were headed .. for the jail.../. police... were waiting.. 3pwhen they arrived. - &pon a scale of 1-10 how umb i that it wasn't really smart yesterdayy becuase i spent the better part the twoomen ...are faaing multiple felony charges, .. now.../ they''l... get to spend a lot more time... with thh friend.. they were going to visit.
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3 the city shapes up. we'll show you how ballimore is battling the bulge one family at a time. some.. some.. baltimore
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students... are.. getting out... of the pllsssoom..... and....into ssape. shape.---one, two, threee four---- it was fit fammlies field day at the hopkins track and field.... our very own patrice harris met up witt students from the stadium school. the
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program was started bb monte saaders .. peesonal trainer to rry lewis and ed reed.sanders hopes to tackle childhood obesity... bb teaching kids how to stay aative. but living a healthy lifestyll.... means getting their families &pinvolved. "p.e class is just not enough, youve got to enggge he family, so what we do with this class is not work ouu, trying to get them to eat right and become more active, but to try and get them to become the voice of the family, say look mom i want more water, hey i wanttmore thaa wwy it becomes a little but more encouragint to the family. 3sanders has been workinggwith students all year... preparing them tt compete in the field day activities. the unofficial start to summer is just ays away. let'ssgo to vytas for a look at the exteneded forecast.
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3 brran roberts ack on the in a year.../the most difficult part of hiss injury.../next in sporrs unlimited... injury.../next in sporrs unlimited... still thinking of replacing the truck? i justst don't know where to start.
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glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. that's all for the late
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&pedition, i'm jeff barned. barned. and i'm jennifer gilbert. letts go to bbucc cunninnham, sports unlimited starts right now. pe hasn't played in a game ffr over a year, but all of that could be changing...and soon... baseball field.. field.. baseman has begun his rehab -
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stint with the double a bowie baysox...this after playinggin the '09 season...recovering from the nagging effeccs of a concussion, roberts can stay on rehab for up o 20 ays, and as said that he expects to use all 20...he's just happy to be back on the 3 a night off for the orioles, their first in 220days, and place in the aaerican leagge east even after losing two of three to the redsox...aad coold be adding a big name pitc. pitcher.. the orioles have reportedly entered the running for veteran free agent roy &poswalt...a free agent last winter, oswalt turned down
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offers from both the red sox and tigers, and has not played this year..he says he wants to returnnby june 15th....a two time 20 game winner with the asstos, oswalt spent the last two seesons with the phillies...the red sox and rangers are also said to be in the ravens wrapped up their first organized team activity of the spring today.....they'll hhve two more ad then a full mandatory pretty busy these daas...a faa cry from this timm last year.. year.. thh nfl was in the midst of it's lockout last year, and phere were no ota's no minicamps..noohing at all until they sttled it nd training amps finally opened...the ravens and everyy &pin...and at full, everything is back to normal...and the ravens feel that's a real advantage...
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this weekend, there will be quite a maryland invasion at gilette stadium in foxborough.. two state teams, marylann and loyola, have advanced to the ncaa lacrosse final four.. four.. the greyhounds began tournament play as the nnmber one overaal seed, after having climbed o the top of the &prankings oward the end of th regular season...they'll facc notre dame in one national duke hook up in the enhancing...they ssy....aryland's posstion as the pinnacle of lacrosse that'll do it for this editton of sports unlimited...i'm bruce sure to tune in to fox45 morning news tomorrow -- starting at 5-am.go.
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goodnight. &p3 3 3goodnight. goodnighttstarting at 5-am.
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- jack. got a minute? - avery, of course. are you okay? - oh, yeah, it's nothing. i was a guest on mad money last night. - what's happening? is one of you jim cramer?


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